Aladin - Integrated system for human resources management
         ( Salaries, Civil contracts, Human resources )

Aladin is a system, which facilitates and automates the activities implemented by the Units “Cash-register”, “Labor and salary” and “Personnel”. It is successfully operating in organizations from different industrial branches and economic spheres of activity, such as: Ministries, Co-operations, industrial, tourists organizations and accounting organizations.

Aladin operates under the following operational systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

General advantages
In subsection 'Salary'
  • Automatic recalculation of payments for previous months and periods;
  • Creative and efficient design and format of pay slips and paychecks;
  • Allows the creation of additional types of recapitulations by the customer himself;
  • Calculation of salaries with different Insurance Schemes and relevant % for Social security contributions and Health Insurance;
  • Indexing of vacation days and/ or salaries with coefficient;
  • Salaries in different currency;
  • Preparation of data for National Social Security Institute and National Revenue Agency on a disc (the formatlicensed by NSSI and NRA);
  • Possibility of using data from previous months and periods without restoring the data itself;
In subsection 'Personnel Management'
  • Creation of standard forms for Labor contracts, Annexes (Complementary agreements), orders for dismissal and other forms using MS Word 2000/XP/2003/2007 interface;
  • User-generated map of organization structure and hierarchy – structural units, information levels etc.
  • Electronic personal file of the employee that allows you to quickly locate, view and update key employee details;
  • Possibility of creating a contemporary module for analysis, assessment and personnel development;
  • Possibility of creating personnel records for training and development, which hold individual training records including all courses undertaken;
  • Powerful generator of different types of reports with friendly customer-oriented interface;
In subsection 'Vacations'
  • User-friendly employee records make it easy to track employees’ vacation time, sick time and paid leave;
  • Easy maternity and paternity calculations;
  • Printing of Vacation Orders;
In subsection 'Civil Contracts'
  • Creation of standard forms for Civil Contracts using MS Word2000/XP/2003/2007 interface, as well as a variety of templates;
  • Payment of amounts under Civil Contracts;
  • User-defined criteria for generation of reports;
And most importantly
  • Preparation of a disc for bank deposits and payments (debit cards) – standard forms for Postbank, ING, First Investment Bank, United Bulgarian Bank, SSK, MultiCash, UniCredit Bulbank, Raiffeisen Bank, HVB BankBiochim, SG Expressbank, Hebrosbank, Central Cooperative Bank, TB Bulgaria Invest etc.(standard format);
  • An integrated electronic organizer enables operation with specifically designed calendar and calculator;
  • Generated reports are displayed, printed or stored on the computer in a preferred file format (MS Excel, MS Word);
  • Data import from other information systems;
  • Export and import of data, necessary for salaries and civil contracts accounting to/from accounting software (AXAPTA, Sunsystems, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AXAPTA, Sunsystems, BAAN, Maconomy, Konto, Workflow, Ajur, Business Navigator etc.);
  • Easy connection and synchronization with electronic input systems;
  • Multilingual database;
  • User-friendly interface and easy data manipulation;
  • Functional help ("HELP") and input control;
  • Powerful generator of reports with consumer-oriented interface.
Generates and displays
  • Pay slips for payments and advance payments;
  • Recapitulations with various optional criteria for an indicated period set by the customer;
  • Integrated reports and lists for deficits and deductions for indicated period with accumulation;
  • List of employees with amounts payable to the cash-register;
  • Report indicating Base Salaries;
  • List of employees occupying a certain position;
  • List of the employees, listed by chosen criteria – insurance installments and deductions;
  • Lists of employees showing work-days on a monthly basis from the beginning of the year, including paid leave, sickleave and non-paid vacation days;
  • Lists of deferred advance payments and salaries;
  • Official Verifications and Reports;
  • Labor Contracts, Civil Contracts, Annexes, Orders of Dismissal, Vacation Orders and other standard forms;
  • Position Classification, Salary Classification and List by employee’s name or personal number;
  • Fees payment bills, declarations and other Official Verifications concerning Civil Contracts payments;
  • Issues reports for the regional municipalities for the payment of remunerations and salaries from sources, not subjectto labor relations;
  • Print of Payment Orders, Budget Payment Orders, Payment Requests and other documents;
  • ...and many others.
Installation and maintenance

Installation can be done by our customer service personnel, local dealers or the customers themselves. For this purposethe software is accompanied by a detailed manual which provides information on both installation and usage on a “step by step” basis.

Maintenance is executed by our customer service personnel, as well as our local dealers. We have a “hot line” for telephone consulting. MicroComplex assumes responsibility to make any necessary alterations of the system in line with normative law amendments.

New versions are provided to subscribed users for free, while the rest of the users are charged with minimum payment. Customers could get quick and relevant help, as well as competent and effective advice from our experts by e-mail.

MicroComplex develops additional modules according to customers needs within short terms.