Modular System

The modular structure of the software allows you to use and pay only for the modules you use.


We provide a cloud service for those who want to manage their human resources in motion.

Windows Support

The software is supported by all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 11.

Lifetime License

For over 30 years we have been meeting the changing needs of our clients.


Aladin is a versatile and proven software product that works seamlessly in small, medium and large businesses. Aladin offers a set of solutions while retaining criteria such as quality and reliability. You can receive an evaluation for our teamwork from our clients and partners.

Aladin Employee Self Service

Aladin Employee Self Service is a web application that empowers your employees to: plan and request a leave, access payroll information for labour and civil contracts relationships, social benefits, and working schedule.





cloud devices


Choose only the modules you need



Prepare salaries quickly thanks to a lightweight interface. You have an  access to a full set of algorithms for calculating accruals and deductions. Get timely assistance from competent specialists in case of specific questions.



Keep a clear sight of the structural units and hierarchy in your organization. Each position is accompanied by a description and each employee has his own file. Issue documents such as employment contracts, agreements, dismissal orders and other forms. Ability to sign and store e-documents through integration with Evrotrust.



Keep an eye on your employees’ annual leave. An employee’s holiday history, used and unused leave are a few clicks away. Optimize the leave request and approval process as providing the employees and managers with necessary information by Aladin Employee Self Service.


Civil Contracts

Prepare, pay and print civil contracts, make mass payments with one click, prepare “Declaration 1” and “Declaration 6” for National Revenue Agency. Make reports and recapitulation by your own criteria.

work schedule

Work Schedule

Manage work schedules on a team or individual level. You get a holistic representation of the work done in the organization after integrating with an access control system. You have an access to detailed reports at any time.


Payment Documents

Automated payment orders for taxes, print of transfer orders, receipts and deposit slips.

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