Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Optimize your time, resources and administrative costs

Labour Contracts

Employees have access to their payslips and reports about paid social insurances, accruals, deductions, received amounts and absences by month.

Leave Planning and Requests

Aladin Employee Self Service allow your employees to plan and request their leaves. Thus you reduce manual administrative work and optimize your time and resources as lessen the necessity of giving information personally to each employee.

Civil Contracts and Payments

Each contractor has the opportunity to check the payments on his civil contracts. Keep your files organized by arranging contracts based on projects or activities. You can check the due amounts and payments.

Manage Your Employees Schedule

You have the opportunity to manage your employees’ work schedule by departments, teams or other units in your organization. The work schedule is updated in real time and your employees are informed wherever they are.

Provide Benefits to Your Employees

Your organization provides unique benefits to its employees? You can add custom benefits and monitor them.

You can monitor the usage of benefits you give to your employees,  whether that is food, fitness, fuel, health insurance or transport vouchers and coupons.

You can also prepare reports about benefits.

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